Kaye Bewley

An Intimate Memoir

In a nutshell, Borderline in Sicily is about horses, history and healing from a hellish cycle journey through Sicily, Italy.  All to see an ancient tree which, ultimately, sets her on a path to enlightenment.  

In 1986, Kaye Bewley is 23 years old and has been granted all she has ever wished for - the house, the job and the man.  Though all her prayers have been answered, deep down inside there is an emptiness that won't be fulfilled as well as a yearning for life to be changed.  Irritated with the seemingly idyllic life that life has handed her on a plate, she reverts back to her errant ways - and ends up in more of a pickle than she could ever have imagined.  Without revealing her predicament she goes to Sicily to visit an ancient tree in Sicily: the 100 Horse Chestnut.   


When an airport strike forces them to make an unplanned for journey Kaye finds herself cycling Sicily's burning roads, following the mythic trail of a Queen and her 100 Knight's to the very same tree.  Trouble is, time has blurred much of history and offers more than a journey of discovery. She finds herself enduring a week filled with conflicting characters, camping on a cowboy's farm, competing with another woman's cleavage, smoking weed with a wise woman and cycling an unforgiving mountain. But, before things can get better, they are about to get a whole lot worse.  

While too tragic to be a comedy and too comedic to be a tragedy, 100 Horse Chestnut is about a woman who is forced to reckon with life itself by being forced to face her own death.  


11th December 2017