Assessing your book - making sure we're a good fit together


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Once you become a BewleyBooks author and publish your book on our platform, BewleyBooks tailors a program that suits your particular book, selecting from the gamut of ideas listed on this page and the following sections.  These are all aimed at assisting to build your publishing and promotion package.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about what BewleyBooks can do for you.


Other than that, I would like to offer you a hearty welcome to the BewleyBooks family.



Kaye Bewley


Stage 1: Assessment


When you send us your manuscript (.doc or .pdf files only, no physical copies), we take it through a process that ensures we have the right mix for your book.  Books can take a long time to get into print and onto bookstore shelves, therefore, we need to be able to work together and be happy with the outcome, so it is important we get this stage right.  


Below, you will see the different journies we take your book on, what we do and how long you can expect before a reply is given.



Once we decide to take you and your work on board, you can expect to be given updates and encouragement along the journey.


Please take the time to read our Agreement and Legal pages.



1. Author Enquiry


You send us your enquiry via the Contacts form

We assess the details you provide

You get our 'yes, we'd be delighted', or 'sorry, but it's not for us' response

  • because of the number of enquiries we receive, we are unable to give an in-depth response about your work.  However, you are more than welcome to pay for this service if you wish.



2. Manuscript Assessment 


You send us the full manuscript

We skim read through for:

  • genre/premise

  • writing style

  • author's voice

  • structure

  • characters

  • dialogue

  • practical implications

  • word length


3. Feedback


You will then receive a document via email with:

  • feedback

  • suggestions for changes (if needed)

4. Acceptance


It's then up to you

  • either reject our recommendations and continue your search for a publisher

  • accept our recommendations and become a BewleyBooks author


If you have received a 'not for us', please do read our book to get some hints and tips along the way.  Once you've read it, and if you feel you can change your book to suit the requirements, feel free to resubmit again and we'll take another look.



Producing a BewleyBooks' Book


Now you understand what we do in our acceptance process.  As soon as you decide to be a BewleyBooks author, we'll send you a special link so you can take a peek at the workload we undertake while producing your book.


Equality & Diversity Statement

Equality and diversity is a term used in the United Kingdom to define and champion equality, diversity and human rights as defining values of society. It promotes equality of opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.  This applies to some subjects that some people may not agree with or flatly refuse to believe.  BewleyBooks remains impartial to any views that an author may express and gives opportunities for all ideas that fit with the remit and goals of BewleyBooks.