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I’d like to explore some real issues that you are tackling all by yourself as a writer.  Then, in the coming e-zines, I’d like to share those challenges and (with permission) your website/book details, and provide some possible solutions to those scenarios. 


For this reason, I have gathered together some questions.  Copy and paste the questions below into the body of your email, answer as many of them as you wish, then email them to:

By way of thanks for your participation, in return I’ll put your book and website links onto the website which is shared with thousands of readers all over the world.

Meanwhile, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to take a peek at this.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Here are the 15 questions.  Copy and paste them into the body of your email and return to:

  1. What is the biggest problem facing you as an author right now?

  2. If you have already done a book signing/reading/presentation, which bookstore has been the best you have done this in?

  3. What did they do to make it a success in your view?

  4. What made them special?

  5. What was it about them that made them a success for sales of your books?

  6. What promotional aspects did you explore to get the word out about their store?

  7. What has shown to be a successful marketing campaign for your book?

  8. What has shown to be a dismal marketing campaign that has failed beyond belief?

  9. How do you measure the success of your sales campaigns?Professionalism of people involved, involvement in event, sales?

  10. If you were to look at your situation right now – then compare it to how you would like it to be in, say January 2018 (next year) and then again in January 2020 (3 years) – what would that success be like?

  11. What would have to happen between now, and that date for you to be successful?

  12. What would be the opportunity you would need to be given to reach the success you can envisage?

  13. What skills and/or resources do you think you’d need to develop to ensure your success as an author?

  14. What is the one thing that irritates/angers you about the society (in general) around you?

  15. What is the one thing that you admire/appreciate about the society (in general) around you?

Of course, this is a confidential questionnaire.  If you don't wish to tell anyone your name, you can be assured we won't tell.  However, if you would like me to mention details of your website/book/author details (see it as a lucrative form of advertising for you), please let me know.  Please say either:

YES PLEASE I'd like to be included or

NO THANKS, please don't mention me



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