Stage 2: Production



Through BewleyBooks, you'll be encouraged to join in the process from start to finish.  We have a tendency to ensure our authors are happy every step along the journey of the book production process.  


We realise that every author and every book is completely different.  Our task is to be flexible and take into consideration the requirements each author may have. 


Take a look at the brief outline of the work we do to produce your book in all the available formats.

Development Work


Assessment of manuscript (read through)

Draw-up Agreement/manage contract

Set-up help/tips for author

Source production specialists (cover, resellers, end-users)

Oversee activities of suppliers who produce/print/market

Adopt new systems, products, services where applicable

Set-up fulfilment of orders process

Accounts/royalty payments

Source illustrators if required

Get illustration permission

Source artist for drawings

Select a suitable cover design agency






Copy editing 


Index preparation





Purchase and allocate ISBN

Drawing up tables

Scanline (interior and cover)

Formatting for print and digital





Book cover

Source cover designer

Format interior

Format write draft text for the cover

Proofs for digital set-up

Proofs for paperback

Proofs for hardback

Revised proofs/index proofs for digital

Revised proofs/index proofs for the paperback

Revised proofs/index proofs for hardback

Print/paper digital - final press run for hardback

Print/paper digital - final press run for the paperback




Register for copyright

Ascertain International and UK Rights


Marketing a BewleyBooks' Book


Now you have a basic understanding of what we do in assisting an author's book to become the best it can be on paper and in digital formats, take a peek at our average workload during the marketing and development processes.