Stage 3: Marketing


You'll find that the BewleyBooks marketing process is more in-depth and wide-reaching.  Of course, as an author, you are more than welcome to set-up a book-signing session in your local bookstore, or whatever other marketing avenues you wish to explore (get our book for some great ideas). 


Our idea of marketing is in the subtle undertones through the registering process, through enlisting your book with established book industry experts so that your work has the best chance of stepping out into the big wide world.  Take a look at our brief overview (below) of the work we can consider taking for your book - we trust you'll be impressed.



Marketing and Sales

Worldwide registration (Ingram/Nielsen/Gardners/Bertrams etc.)

Market access register 

Book review requests - letters/emails correspondence

Correspondence/sample chapters emailed to booksellers

Interview questions to author/proofread/edit/install on the webpage

Author webpage for the book

Editorial in BB Newsletter

Preparation of blog posts

Prepare Social Media platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, FaceBook etc.)

Create base work for promotional material (business cards/flyers/posters etc)

Create video promotional material (purchase music/photographs/production)

Create press releases

Contact magazines/newspaper journalists/bookstores/tv/radio

Partner with authors for media

Inform the author of book fairs they can attend if interested

Notify writing groups of author and their book/get author to get involved in presentations 

Consider paid advertising (Ingram & other publishers/distribution catalogues)

Consider paid advertising (newspapers/magazines)

Purchase of books x10HB/x20PB copies direct from Ingram for author's promotional use

Organise and secure postage and handling contracts


IBPA Industry Standards


What you'll find is that our books abide by the Independent Book Publisher's Association (IBPA) Industry Standards in book publishing. That means we support and abide by the high standards set by the IBPA.  Interior spreads, cover design, copyright and title pages - all have to be appealing to the reader, so the design is crucial.


Because we are members of the IBPA, we have recognised that changes in the publishing industry have created some challenges for authors.  Take heart, the IBPA's Industry Standards Checklist has been created to support independent publishers, while it acknowledges that books should be judged on their substance and quality - rather than quantity. BewleyBooks abides by the checklist provided by the IBPA - so you can be sure of quality.



When we work with an author, we don't publish and distribute like many small vanity publishers do (which generally means registering information on the web, submitting information to Amazon, organising a promotional party at a bookstore, then sitting back to let the author do the rest), no.  We do much more.  As a small independent publishing platform, we have an opportunity to use our position to promote an author's book through NetGalley.  NetGalley boosts an author's work in many lucrative ways:

  • helps the book connect with readers

  • increases book visibility

  • participates in target marketing programs and

  • gets much-needed reviews


What's more, membership to NetGalley will enable us to promote an author's book via sustained promotional tours.  By using NetGalley, we can provide an innovative online service and connection point for authors books to get noticed by:

  • reviewers

  • journalists

  • librarians

  • booksellers

  • bloggers and

  • educators


With NetGalley, advanced reading copies can  be made available to professional readers - helping to promote an author's book.



Media Outreach Program


Once an author trusts BewleyBooks with their work, we make sure everyone knows about it.  With a Media Outreach Progam (MOP), an author can find their book reaching parts that other publishers just can't touch.  Through it, BewleyBooks sends a targeted email that offers a complimentary review copy of the book to a media list of over 3,000 people active in the publishing world.  These include:

  • journalists

  • book reviewers

  • editors

  • bloggers and

  • television and radio producers


Through this MOP, a whole host of lucrative media contacts are able to get to know of the author's book.   


The purpose of the MOP

The purpose of BewleyBooks getting involved in this is to generate media interest and it has two aims:

  • exposing an author's book to an audience of media influencers

  • getting professional reviews and/or media coverage


How it works 

Information about an author's book is sent to the Media Outreach Program, in a professional email, to over 3,000 media contacts. Requests typically come from media outlets including:

  • Bloggers

  • CBS Interactive

  • Consumer Magazines like Forbes and In.c

  • The Chicago Tribune

  • Freelance journalists

  • Midwest Book Review

  • PBS

  • Programs, publications, and online sites aligned with specific target audiences

  • Radio and television interview requests



Catalogues & Advertising

BewleyBooks can also give an author's book other opportunities at promotion.  By listing an author's book in various quarterly Catalogs (February, May, August, November) a book can get a tremendous opportunity at exposure to book buyers:

  • IBPA Catalogue - exposure to 1,100 Independent bookstores, 2,400 sellers and buyers

  • Library's Journal - 5,000 libraries (Public libraries, K-12 Libraries and College Library markets) 

  • Forward Reviews - to 33,000 librarians and over 1,000 independent bookstores

  • Publisher's Weekly - over 68,000 booksellers, publishers, public and academic librarians, wholesalers, distributors, agents, and writers





Of course, none of this is guaranteed - and we certainly cannot make any promises!  You'll find that, even with all this work that goes on behind-the-scenes, results will vary.


However, take heart in the knowledge that the average response to all of these marketing and distribution strategies are generally higher than many small vanity presses are prepared to come up with. One of the reasons is we don't give up on a book - we are continually marketing it and attempt all of the avenues explored here, at different time-frames, to ensure a book gets the best exposure.  Another reason is, that all the marketing and distribution opportunities we explore are generated through opt-in lists, therefore, every person we send information to has asked for it. 


Response to these marketing ventures generally ranges from between seven to fourteen per cent - while the average expected response rate from a marketing mail-out is generally 1%.  


Please note, all figures quoted are approximations.




Now you understand what we do to bring an author's book market, take a peek at our distributor package.