Stage 4: Distribution


With our established distribution program, you'll find your book making its way into bookstores all over the world.  We register your book first, through many of the available avenues applicable to your book, then bookstores, journalists and other interested parties see the book and buy it.  Here's an overview of where your book will be made available to bookstores, libraries and media outlets.



Book Registration Program


BewleyBooks registers an author's book with a variety of companies to enable a wide availability on the author's book.


The Copyright Cleaance Centre (CCC)

The CCC has helped publishers and authors realize more than $120 million worth of royalties from the making of re-use copies in academic, corporate, and research environments. Now more than ever, leveraging the Internet needs to be a core strategy when it comes to earning fees from such re-uses.

  • RightsConnect – links direct from a publishers’ website to an author's works listed on CCC’s own online catalogue

  • Grant Permission Online – allows rightsholders to approve special permission requests online.

  • Pay-per-use permission services - includes Rightslink which provides instant permission to use and share content on an as-need


Registration with Ingram Lightning Source

  • B2B database used by about 39,000 booksellers and librarians 

  • leading printing/distribution company in the world

  • provides a broad range of physical (softcover and hardback) and digital services

  • offers immediate access to your book and book-related products

  • securely stores your titles as digital files in their library.

  • can print either one copy or thousands, as needed

  • delivers titles directly to bookstores, anywhere in the world, quickly and easily


Registration with Baker & Taylor

  • more than 36,000 customers in more than 120 countries

  • book title(s) are listed on Baker & Taylor’s database as 'available for order' to customers

  • advertising is available in Baker & Taylor’s nationally circulated catalogues

  • a one-time super-annotation feature on an author's book 


Registration with Nielsen BookScan

The Nielsen BookScan service is the world’s largest continuous book sales tracking service operating in the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Italy, US, India, Spain, Brazil and New Zealand.  They have the ability to:

  • collect total transaction data at the point of sale directly from over 6,500 retailers each week

  • ensure detailed and highly accurate sales information on what books are selling, and at what price, is available to the book trade.

  • produce complete market information for retailers, publishers, libraries, agents and the media. 

  • provide answers to supply chain and reprint decisions

  • measure impact of promotions and sales

Registration with BookBaby, Gatekeeper Press, Papertrell and Small Press United

Each can assist BewleyBooks to promote books to:

  • independent bookstores

  • online retailers

  • national wholesalers

  • libraries 

  • speciality retailers

  • museums

BewleyBooks can select books to be produced and promoted through either or all of these programs.  Through them, an author's book can get:

  • a cloud-based, feature rich, digital publishing platform

  • growth through the building, sustaining and growing a direct-to-consumer opportunity

  • to be marketed highly enough to compete in today’s digital landscape


Together, these platforms have had over 14 million recorded interactions and over 130,000+ titles.  With the assistance of these platforms, BewleyBooks is enabled to get closer to an author's potential customers.



While BewleyBooks notifies a number of independent bookstores throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Africa, we rely primarily on the registration channels above.  Those companies have close working relationships with the book distributors that make books available to various bookstores and readers throughout the world.  Here are some of the distribution networks operating today:


  • A Book Company LLC

  • Accent Press

  • Adlibris 

  • Adventures Unlimited Press

  • African Books Collective 

  • Agapea 

  • All Romance eBooks

  • ALS 



  • APG Sales & Distribution

  • Aphrohead 

  • Artech House

  • Asylum Press

  • Atlantic Books

  • Avantibooks Ltd

  • B. McCall Barbour

  • Baker & Taylor 

  • Barnes & Noble 

  • BBR Distribution

  • BEBC Distribution

  • Bella Distribution

  • Bertrams 

  • Better Books

  • Better World Books

  • Bilbary

  • Blackwell 

  • Blind Eye Books

  • BOL

  • Book Depository Ltd 

  • Book Systems Plus Ltd

  • BookMart Ltd

  • BookPoint Ltd

  • Books Express 

  • Bookshop Krisostomus

  • BookSource

  • Booktopia

  • Bushwood Books Ltd

  • C&B Books Distribution

  • Campus eBooks

  • Cardinal Publishers 

  • Casemate Group

  • Casemate IPM

  • Central Books

  • Clarity Press

  • Combined Academic Publishers Ltd


  • Consortium Book Sales

  • Contour Management Services (CMS)

  • Cornerhouse Publications

  • Counter culture

  • Coutts Information Services Ltd 

  • Covenant

  • DA Information Services 

  • DEA Media Group

  • Deep Books Ltd

  • Dennis Jones & Associates 

  • Designarta Books

  • Diamond Book Distributors

  • Diesel eBooks

  • Distributes Pelican Publishing

  • DMC

  • Dokument Press

  • Early Access Inc. dba

  • eBookMall

  • Eden Interactive Ltd 

  • Emporium Books Online 

  • Espresso Book Machine 

  • European SchoolBooks Ltd

  • Feedbooks

  • Fishpond

  • Flesk Publications

  • Footprint Books 

  • Freelance Market News

  • Gardners 

  • Gazelle Book Services Ltd

  • Glorian Publishing

  • Grantham Book Services

  • Hastings

  • Hohm Press

  • Independent Publishers Group

  • Ingram 

  • James Bennett 

  • John Ritchie Ltd

  • K Publications

  • Kobo Books

  • Kuperard Publishers and Distributors

  • Last Gasp

  • Internet GmbH

  • Littlehampton Book Services Ltd


  • Macmillan Distribution (MDL)

  • Mallory International 

  • Mardel, Inc.

  • Marston Book Services Ltd

  • MBS Books (eBook)

  • MDS Book Sales

  • Melia Publishing Services Ltd

  • Midpoint Trade Books

  • MK Book Service

  • Mobile Systems Inc

  • MobiLire

  • Mogul View Media

  • Motilal (UK) Books of India


  • National Book Network

  • NBN Kids

  • New Shelves Book Distribution

  • Nicotext

  • NMD Trading Co

  • Orca Book Services Ltd

  • Orthodox Christian Books Ltd

  • Paddle

  • Paperback Shop Ltd 

  • Parable

  • Perseus Distribution Services

  • Peter Pal 

  • Pomegranate Europe Ltd

  • Power Press

  • Publishers Group West

  • Reardon Publishing

  • Riifr

  • Russell Enterprises

  • Scandinavia Connection

  • SCB Distributors

  • Small Press Distribution

  • Squadron Signal/Pocketbond Ltd

  • STL Distribution Services

  • Superbookdeals 

  • The Anglo-American Book Co Ltd

  • The Book Community Ltd. 

  • The Book Service Ltd

  • The Eurospan Group

  • The Nile 

  • The Trade Counter Distribution

  • Tradebit

  • Transatlantic Publishers Group Ltd

  • TreeFree Mobile

  • Trust Media Distribution (formerly STL) 

  • Turnaround Publisher Services Ltd

  • Turpin Distribution

  • txtr GmbH

  • Vine House Distribution Ltd

  • Virtue Books Ltd

  • W&G Foyle Ltd. 

  • WaveCloud

  • Windsor Books International

  • Wrap Distribution 

  • Write Bloody Publishing. 

  • XAMOnline




Please note that marketing is giving information to people, so they can either buy or not.  None of this is guaranteed - and we cannot make any promises that a book will appeal to any particular audience. 


Even with all this work that is done, results can and do vary.


Please note, all figures quoted are approximations and this is not a complete list of book distributors.



Launch plans

Now you understand what we do to assist an author's book reach the widest possible market, take a peek at our overall aims during the launch process.