Stage 5: Launch Plan


While an author's book is going through the publishing and development process, we are actively preparing to launch the book.  We place importance on making the media and blogging world know about an author and their book before it's actually launched, so we do our utmost in all areas to make this happen.  Here we give a brief list of work we can conduct on an author's behalf. 

1. Pre-Launch

Set-up task list for Author

Determine publication date

Decide book formats

Identify primary markets

Create book landing page/web site

Clarify message/branding

Set-up social media sites

Recruit your book launch team, friends, family, professionals

Join book groups, clubs, associations, communities, online book clubs

Find promotional channels, groups, organisations associations, conferences, that may help promote book

Reach to other bloggers, authors as potential partners

Set up Amazon Author Central account

Announce release date

Create media kit/press kit 

Schedule media interviews - radio, tv, online, newspapers

Post teasers on blog, web site, social media (Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+)

Set up giveaways

Set up book signings

Set up target blog tour, guest posting campaign

Develop book trailer

Contact local libraries - to carry book

Find editors, journalists that cover author's local area - notify of book launch

Activate pre-launch blogs

Create social media posts and teasers - images, quotes, excerpts

Attend media appearances, interviews, readings

Press release to journalists, bloggers, editors

Announce release date on social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads)

Announce video trailer to social media groups

Check local newspaper for event page - submit information to local papers

Visit local book stores - introduce yourself, tell them about book and availability

Visit local library, introduce yourself, ask to get involved in their events - and ask if you can do promote your own book

Create author bio - post to website and social media accounts, particularly Amazon Author Central

Create offline marketing materials, business cards, bookmarks or postcards

Join Google, LinkedIn and Facebook Groups




2. Launch Day


Post a pre-written launch announcement on blog

Send book launch announcement to family, friends, and other interested parties

Make an announcement on social media

Check your buy now buttons, that they're working!

Update social media with reviews and endorsements

Continue to post pre-written announcements on social media accounts

Celebrate and have a bit of fun!


3. Post Launch


Help the author plan a local bookstore event - signing

Encourage, ask for reviews

Write follow-up for author site, thank everyone who has helped, for their support

Encourage the author to send handwritten notes, gifts for partners, those who have helped - we do the same for distributors who have worked particularly well

Conduct follow-up interviews to ascertain the level of interest in further copies of the book

Ongoing marketing and distribution - actively seeking new avenues to promote and distribute an author's book


We don't give up!  We've invested a lot, and realise this is the author's dream, so we do our utmost to keep readers, distributors, booksellers and the media interested in the book.