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BewleyBooks+ is an innovative publishing house.  


We offer a publishing and promotion service as well as helping newbie writers complete their books.  Our blogs help you navigate the maze of the publishing submission process and give step-by-step guidance through the publishing ladder.


The work we focus on includes fiction, non-fiction and thought-provoking factually-based spiritual (not religious) books. Once we take a writer on-board, we work very, very hard for the work they produce - a writer's work is continuously promoted and we never give up like most traditional publishers do.


Incidentally, we publish through Ingram, the leader in the publishing industry.  Amazon (as well as other online book distributors and brick & mortar book stores around the world) pick your work up to promote it. 


You don't part with any money during any of this process.  We work on the basis of earning a commission from the sales of each book sold.  However, you don't have to use BB+ publishing platform for your book.  If you choose not to use us to publish your book, you can get assistance with any one part of the preparing, publishing and/or promoting process by using either of our individual services.


While BewleyBooks+ is managed by Kaye Bewley, Founder and CEO, any work that is submitted to BewleyBooks+ is dealt with by professional agencies and industry experts.  You can be assured of our professionalism as we are members of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and the Independent Publishers Guild (IPG).


We focus on promoting an author's work, chiefly to high street independent book stores, but we also promote to the wider online audience, by publicising to UK and US libraries and bookstores. 

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About Kaye

Kaye Bewley is an author, publisher and psychotherapist at BewleyBooks.com and BewleyTherapy.com, United Kingdom. Born in the Shires of England, she has flown in a glider, swam through a swamp, and cycled across Sicily in the burning summer heat of 1986.


She's taught reading, writing and publishing to school kids, writers, and business people, been consulted by soldiers for their PTSD, helped her clinical clients manage depression, anxiety, and their relationships, and has presented across the UK and Europe workshops on gender identity.  And she travels around in her campervan while she does it all. 


She has published nearly twenty books and is now assisting authors to publish theirs. Formerly a PA in the international news media and London marketing fields, she has put her knowledge, experience and skills into creating videos and conducting podcast interviews that promote authors and artistes all over the world.



What we do...

Once upon a time... not too long ago (in the Summer of 2017, to be precise!), BB+ was a small independent publishing company. Today, it is growing quickly by specialising in writers that 'aspire to inspire' change.  BB+ publishes fiction and non-fiction in all formats (eBooks, paperbacks and hardcover books), in most genres.


The BB+ mission is to help writers make their dream come true of becoming a published author. If accepted for publication we work on a reasonable split on any commissions made - after the bills have been paid.









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We are keen to publish a variety of fiction books in every genre that help people look outside the box. When it comes to fiction, we’re simply looking for a good story told well.  We’re especially interested in the following genres:

  • Adventure

  • Comedy

  • Fantasy

  • Historical

  • Mystery

  • Psychological Thriller/Suspense

  • Romance

  • Science Fiction

  • Thriller

  • Young Adult



BB+ is able to publish any non-fiction book. We’re especially interested in the following:

  • Adventure

  • Autobiography/Biography/Memoir

  • Business

  • Cookbooks

  • Gardening

  • History

  • How-To

  • Tutorials

  • Health & Wellness

  • Natural nutrition & Fitness

  • Personal improvement

  • Prepping

  • Relationships and Dating

  • Spirituality



Edit Your Manuscript Before You Submit

All we ask is that you do your best to edit your manuscript before you submit it for us to review. If we find lots typos, mistakes, or plot holes in your manuscript, we will tell you that you need to work with an editor and invest more time editing your work. BB+ does provide a service for this, but your work should stand out and is most likely to be accepted for a publishing contract if it is well-edited.


How to Submit a Manuscript

  • Read our Assessment page first

  • Once you're happy, send your details via the Contact Form  

  • Include your full name and name of the book

  • Give a brief (2-3 sentence) synopsis or description of your proposed book

  • Give a link to your website(s) and author pages


If you have written more than one book, please send one book and give us a brief of the others. 


Unsolicited manuscripts?

Yes!  We like to read anything from anyone.  We have a review team that can get you an answer within three months.

No agent - no problem?

Most authors don't have an agent, but we do accept work submitted from literary agents. 

Will it cost me?

No.  BB+ is a no-fee independent book publishing company. That means we never charge you a fee to publish books. We only earn our money back and possibly a commission when we are able to sell your book (see below).  Though, you are more than welcome to (and we are always delighted when you do) make a donation or become a Patreon of our work.


BB+ works for the writer.  Without the writer, none of our services would exist.  That's why, after all the work has been paid for (by us), we split the commissions earned from sales 70% (to the author), 30% (to the publisher).

Can you guarantee to publish my book?

No. If it meets our guidelines, is well presented, formatted and edited we will consider it.  We review work submitted and decide each individual book that crosses our desk.  If your work is not ready for us to publish we recommend you choose an outside agency to help you prepare it.  However, if you don't wish to use our platform, we can make recommendations on improvements needed through our services. Authors who receive positive feedback well, and are keen to learn and grow as writers are more than welcome to resubmit their work after making editorial changes.

Can I send you a physical manuscript?

No.  Not only does this save paper, it also saves time too.

Read our Assessment page to get more of an idea of what we want and what we can accomplish for your book



Spearheading a spiritual awakening

Businessman, ex-Decon and now author of an inspirational world-changing dialogue.

Share the amazing books you have written. To see yourself on BewleyBooks+   go here.

Kaye Bewley, Founder of BewleyBooks

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