BewleyBooks+ Contract Made Simple

BewleyBooks+ makes everything easy.  We work with writers who aspire to inspire the world to improve.  If your book is spiritually-based (not religious) and gives people instructions on how to create a better world, we will publish your work.  Depending on which package you choose, the BB+ author contract offers you:


  • you retain 100% of your rights

  • no lifetime contract

  • no up-front investment from you

We work for you

What's more important is that when you employ us to produce your book - from start to finish - we're with you all the way. 


Promotion and Publicity

Marketing for your book is normally not included in most services from independent publishers, this means you need to do it. Plus, most independent publishing companies make you pay for this - with some charging as much as £6,00 with no guarantee of you ever getting that money back through sales.  Also, if you are a non-fiction-author-wannabe, most traditional publishers won't take you on just because you've got a great idea.  With BewleyBooks, we help our authors with their initial promotional launch by:

  • producing promotional videos

  • posting updates on our social media pages

  • sending out Media Outreach Programmes and Press Releases to journalists across the world

  • setting up registration programmes, designed to help you get noticed by independent book stores, libraries and online retailers 

We also provide you with several other options to help promote a book, you can take a look here.

We'd like to get to know you and show you the work we do for writers like yourself.  So, if you are inspired to find out more simply complete the form on our Contact page with your initial query.

Our Niche

Aspire to Inspire


Please note that we can only accept books from writers whose central theme aspires to inspire others to a better life.  These fall into the following categories:

  • Fiction tales with the central theme focused on giving hope for a better future or faith in humanity, spirituality and God.

  • Non-fiction memoir, autobiography, biography or spiritually-based inspirational texts that help people live better lives.

Genres and Themes

Should you be unsure of what theme or genre your book falls into, or you have written a book that focuses on another area, that's ok.  All you need to do is make your mouse 'hovver' over the 'Books' tab (at the top of this page) and you'll see a drop-down list appear.  Those are the areas we like to publish. 

Browse the books available and see if your book fits with that category.

Should your writing be of an acceptable standard and there is a theme of hope and inspiration then you will be accepted.  However, if we cannot accept it as it stands, and it can't be published on this platform, then all is not lost.  Ask for details of our 'Services' options to find another way we can help you.

Submit Your Book

If, after reading the above, you feel your book could find its home on the BewleyBooksPlus platform, send the following:

  • a cover letter/email

  • synopsis

  • the first three chapters (as a Word doc, not a PDF)



We do get a lot of letters to read from aspiring authors, and there are ways to make your application help us to make a decision.

Set aside a couple of hours to look at the Playlist on our YouTube (link below) and the insightful videos we've selected to help you through the publishing and promoting process.  

Another thing you could do is look around the BewleyBooksPlus website. We will always reply but may not be able to offer detailed feedback.

Please give us up to three months to get back to you. We know this seems a long time, and we will do our best to be quicker, but want to be realistic too. 

Want Options?

No problem!


We can look at your work, assess it and provide feedback, or complete any of the stages mentioned above. Should your book fall into a category that does not align with BewleyBooksPlus' 'Aspire To Inspire' ethos, then ask us for details of our Services packages.

If you've been a recipient of our free services or have been pleased with our promotional efforts for your work, feel free to make a donation to help us continue our efforts to assist writers and readers - or we are always delighted if you choose to buy one of our books in return for our help!