Author's Diary & Action Planner

Want to get your writing organised and

achieve your dream of getting it published?

Like many writers, you had an idea to write a book - either a factual self-help manual or a fiction story that will entertain the massess.  And, like many writers, you believed you could just set aside an hour a day to accomplish this task. 


But did you know there's much more you could be doing

to help your book succeed?

For instance, have you set up a plan of action for penning your thoughts, expanding your tale, do you know what the publishing process entails and how to organise it so you get the best results?  And, have you thought about the actual planning of the promotion side of your book?

I'll give you details of a plan of action -

one that aims to help you achieve all that - and more! 

It will include a timetable you can fill in for yourself, one where you can track your progress and see what you've missed off the list that may just edge your book that bit closer to the top of the best seller list. In it, you'll find ideas for...

  • writing your book

  • developing it into a digital and physical copy

  • producing it for the market

  • exactly what you need to do for your marketing and promotional plans

Let me know that you're interested in it, by filling in this form below, and I will put you in my diary - so I can plan to keep you informed and updated!

All my best wishes for your success!

Kaye Bewley