If you enjoy Bob Proctor's teachings, you'll enjoy Bill Geringswald's book...

Bill Geringswald, is a world-traveled business consultant dealing with the dysfunctions of our times. 


While he works at rectifying the issues presented to the world, he addresses business situations, political problems and environmental disasters that are in need of major repair through analysis and restructure.  

Bill has included a remedy in his book, all aimed at rectifying the massive moral, mental and physical meltdown we are experiencing today, a meltdown, not just nationally, but worldwide.

As you read his book, you will begin to understand the concerns he raises and his belief in the love and power of our Creator for His creation.

Bill's book 'Infinite Possibilities - A Spiritual Awakening' offers you a road map, provides practical answers and creates hope for future generations.

Enjoy the journey - we promise, it will be a life changer.

Bill's Books
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Coming Soon

Re-released.  Revamped.  Reprinted.

Bill's books have been given a brand new look. 

We will be making them available separately and also for you to buy as a valuable set to add to your library. 

Each book gives insights to a brave new world of possibilities.

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