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It's only a shadow!

But authors can create some magical worlds for children to explore 

Books for children are magical in that they focus on helping them through their fears.  With a book on their lap they are taken away, off into far away fantasy lands.  The only limitation that they have is their own imaginations. 


Some books show them how not to be afraid.  They demonstrate through delightful tales, of ‘what’s under the bed’.  They show that ghosts and dragons are something not to be afraid of. 


Yet, when they are brave enough to ask someone they trust for an understanding of their fears - their fears tend to up and disappear. 


A book helps a child to change their ghosts into a billowing white curtain, their monsters into dark creepy shadows, and their massive unfriendly dragons into jolly green giants and into dreams of fantasy tales that take them to a land far, far away, long, long ago. 


When a book can do this, the child finds they no longer fear the shadows in their minds. 


If for this reason alone, authors and book sellers, keep up the good work!  Your skills are sorely needed.

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