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The Christmas holidays are here and it’s the perfect time to recharge your batteries and store up some energy for the New Year.  Here’s our guide to getting the most out of the time off. 

As everyone gets ready for their Christmas break and those few precious days off grow tantalisingly close, things can get even more manic than usual.

You can reduce your stress levels by acknowledging it all comes from mis-handling your anxiety.  If you take note of the points below, I think you'll find you will have a much easier stress-free Christmas!

Choose Your Food
Christmas is a time for feasting – and boy do we accomplish that with aplomb!

Think of what you eat and drink.  Those fatty foods and fizzy fluids don’t do your liver any good.  You can always prepare for alcohol by drinking a pint of water before you go out drinking.  And, if you think you’re going to eat too much, water will help with that too.  Drink a glass before you eat and you won’t eat so much.

However, there is a lot of goodness in the traditional Turkey roast.  Protein from the meat, carbs and starch from the potatoes, and vitamins from your greens.  For the gravy, use the water your greens have been cooked as that’s where the Vitamin C has gone. 

Because of the recent trend in smoothies, don’t put the smoothie-maker at the back of the cupboard during the Christmas festivities.  Keep it on prominent display and make use of it to boost your antioxidant and vitamin intake.  Juices and nuts help repair your hair, smooth your skin and make your nails dazzle.

But, if you can’t find a way to get the good stuff in you, then get a great supplement.  You'll find some great ones here:

Walk Fido
Exercise and fresh air keeps your mind, body and spirit alive.  It’s good to move your body.  And a walk outside brings many more pleasures to your mind.  A one mile walk, either brisk or strolling, helps you sleep well and get that digestive system working well. 


Taking a walk is a much better option after you’ve eaten a full meal than going straight into slumber-land.

Cuddle the cat, or the children – it raises your happy hormones to levels you never knew existed before.

Turn Off Tech
If you suffer from headaches or migraine, then mobiles and wi-fi might be contributing to it.


Obviously, you need your phone and you want your internet connection, so don’t give up on it entirely.  However, you can make a few tweaks here and there that will go a long way to easing your stress from aches and pains.


Turn the wi-fi off for set periods during the day.  It will not only help ease your headaches, but it will bring your family together too.  The children won’t be looking down at their phones or catching up with their friends on FaceBook!


Train your children, family and friends to speak with each other - or to read an exciting book.  Talking with a group of people you like, bonds you closer together.  It’s also been found that if you read for fun, stress levels dramatically reduce.  Both forms of connecting with the real world (family/friends) and fictional world (books) get your neurons (cells in your brain) moving around in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

Christmas gives us time on our hands.  During that time, we should make time to think about the life we lived last year (good title for a book that one!).  Think about the mistakes you may have made as ‘lessons to learn from’, rather than to feel guilty about.  Accept them.  Instead of making goals to get more money or more stuff the following year, think about the challenges that you may have to face next year and look upon them as more life lessons. 

Looking upon them as life lessons, rather than worrying about what might come to pass, eases stress levels tremendously.

Also, give yourself permission to be kind to yourself. 

Sleep Easy

Sleep is the most important event in your life! 

Over the Christmas period, you’ll have some time off work, so turn off that alarm clock.  Or, failing that, try not to stay up too late watching those late night Christmas movies.

Get to know your dreams.  There’s a brilliant book by Joe Griffin 'Why We Dream'.  He knows a thing or two about what dreams are all about and his book goes to great lengths to explain about the whole process.  Apparently, nightmares are the stuff of unresolved anxieties through the day.  He gives a great analogy of your cat (or dog).  Watch them.  If they’re trying to catch something (mouse, bird or, in the case of the dog, a cat) – and they don’t succeed, they will finish off the job in their dreams. 


According to Joe, this is what happens to all those anxieties we don't resolve during the day - which offers a reason for those who suffer depression waking up tired all the time.

Our brain has a fantastic way of resolving our dreams.  Ways in which we are only just figuring out. 

In my books Depression, how to help yourself through it, and Anxiety Pangs - what they are and how to handle them I give a lot more hints for you to get a handle on these things.  Click on the books below to read more about them.


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