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Easy to follow worksheets designed to help you become aware of your health history.


Part 1


Take a walk around yourself.  We help you figure out how to describe what your life consists of and what it looks like.  Demographics and psycho-graphics are a great start, but connecting with yourself means understanding your issues on a personal level. 

Part 2


Figure out how what you put into your body effects your mind and emotions.  Here, you'll delve deeper into your dreams and thoughts and understand more how they are communicating a message to you.

Part 3


We all have an awareness of how nature has an effect on our mood, but do we really know how our senses receive and relay that information?  This section helps you understand what's going on in the outside and inside world of your mind, body and emotions.


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In total, by the time we have finished sending you all the information you need to create a Personal Health Log, you should be more aware of the following:

  • your present health picture and all those important dates and contacts

  • keeping track of your mind’s thoughts about your emotions.  

  • the goals you want to achieve and ideas that give you pleasure

  • keeping on track with what you want from life

You will become more aware than you ever have, of your personal health history.