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Have you got news you'd like to share?  We're interested in special events, reviews, a blog post, a new book, film, music, a conference, a writers retreat or even news about an App you may have created to make life easier for writers...  Tell us about it and we'll do our very best to include it in our News 4 Writers pages.  Our news items are shared with our own social media followers which includes over 12,000 followers on our social media groups and our personal contacts list!

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Our site traffic gets over 12,000 followers on our combined social media pages plus those who subscribe to our Online Magazine. We know, compared to some, that's not a HUGE audience, but we would say it is a big one.  What's more, they're all 'real' people!  and, more importantly, our followers are growing.    

That's quite a lot of people to reach and, we would be delighted if you would like to write for this audience on our platform.  We'd also welcome your links to articles you've written so we can create a complimentary two-way traffic resource between us. And it's all for free!

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Do you have an article that would be of interest to BB+ readers? If so email it to us for us to assess.  If we publish it, you’ll get some great exposure.

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What we need about you:

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We consider topics that can offer value so you need to:

  • educate

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Article length: between 250 and 1,000 words.  


We usually respond within 60 days.

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