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Depression - How to help yourself through it

Depression in the elderly is just as prevalent as it is in the younger generation.  However, according to a research paper from the University of West London, older people are less likely to be referred to a GP.  I want to help put a stop to that.

I have written a no-nonsense, quick-reference, easy-to-read manual that gets to the core of issues and helps you to move on.  You can use it as a prelude to therapy, or as a stand-alone that should be able to give you some tips and hints on how to get it under your control.

For instance, did you know that depression is part of a cycle that can easily be broken? You’ll be pleasantly surprised how this book helps you recognise what it is, what it is not and what can help you through it.

With this book to hand, you can easily learn how to get your life back on the track that you want it to be - so you can start living life again. The simple lessons contained within this book help you to spend less time feeling low and more time feeling great.  There's a great section on helping you get a good night’s sleep and there's another one that will help you discover how to make a difference that means something in your life.  

In the book there are also a couple of pointers to help you activity relax, learn about loss and cherish your memories - as well as telling you about the single most important food no restaurant worth its salt would serve you after your meal.

All the methods detailed I've gathered in this book have been proven and aim to help change your life - and may even give it back to you quicker and easier than you ever dreamed. 

I show you, not only how your emotions can control your life, but also how you can control your own emotions. You’ll learn how to develop ways to lift your moods and feel better every day.

How am I qualified to help?  I earned my degree in psychotherapy, over a six year period and secured an MA in the subject.  This book is a culmination of my experience, knowledge and skills and are aimed at helping you shake off the weight of depression – without having to book an appointment!  

In summary, to help you along the path to freeing yourself from depression, this book offers you 10 important tips:

  • 10 fundamental emotional needs

  • 9 herbs known to increase vitality and balance mood

  • 8 foods and fluids to keep depression under control

  • 7 important steps to better emotional health

  • 6 myth-busting statistics about depression

  • 5 reasons supplements are not that good for you

  • 4 foods and fluids you should avoid when depressed

  • 3 most important chemicals – busted!

DEPRESSION - how to help yourself through it

Pages: 124

RRP: £9.99 (Regular Price)

ISBN: 978-1-909426-03-0

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