How to find...

...Genuine people to work with

The book business is a tough one. To be sure you're in with the right crowd, there are a number of qualities you need to look for.  Here is a list of the qualities shown by people you can trust and those who will help you on your life or business path.  




  1. Meaning is more important than money.   People you can trust have a deeper understanding about life and put store into the meaning of life. Have you ever entered a bookshop and had the experience of genuine assistance - without any requirement for you to buy something? Information is power.  Money is the tool.  

  2. Courage is part of their make-up.  Courage is being afraid but going on anyway.  A soldier on a battlefield doing the job in hand, demonstrates this ultimate quality.  However, having courage doesn't mean they'll be the first to sign-up for the front-line.  They weigh up the pros and cons, but follow what they feel is the right thing to do - for the bigger picture. 

  3. Low tolerance for fake people.  You may want to be told you're beautiful, intelligent and witty, but a person you can trust will 'tell you like it is' with little tolerance for lies.  A little white lie can be given to heal a broken heart or to save you from pain, but they may not always tell you what you want to hear - only what you need to know. 

  4. They avoid confrontations - if they can't, they attempt to be the arbiter. Folk with a self-confidence, or certainty about a subject, have made their way towards their heart's desire through sheer hard work and due diligence.  They know that people who create scenes, either through jealousy or anger or other uncontrolled and highly irrational emotional outbreaks, tend to be acting from a child-ish standpoint, which can be selfish and show a lack self-worth.  They never do this.

  5. They own up to things.  They don't blame others for their mistakes. They don't hide from the truth, because they know the truth won't hurt them.  Hiding from small issues doesn't solve the bigger ones.  A person you can trust, takes responsibility for their life and are always exploring how to do better.  

  6. They place value on people, not things.  People who care about others only do so because they care about themselves too.  When a person cares about themselves, they want others to follow the same example, so make every effort to help them find their destiny.  These people are willing to undergo the struggle of everyday life, in order to learn for the greater good.  They want to contribute to the team and help create something better.  But this doesn't mean they're a push-over!

  7. They put their intuition to work.  They understand the coincidences in life are shown in hints and clues, or patterns, on the sometimes challenging road of life.  These people have paid attention to these clues and have learned (sometimes through the school of hard knocks) to avoid phoney people by paying attention to their and others' behaviour.  They make choices based on what they have learned.

  8. To them, learning is as important as breathing.  Learning about their own interests as well as the world about them is part of their make-up.  You will always find a person willing to understand by learning different approaches and methods.  They do this by picking up a variety of books and keep an open mind about where humans came from, where we are going, what we know right now and what we don't know and what we are willing to learn for future endeavours.  

  9. They find a reason to be positive. They have a wider outlook and see all the possibilities of life.

  10. A person you can trust in business is normally fond of their children, their dogs and their cats.  Have you ever noticed how a dog, a cat and a child lives for the present?  They enjoy the moment they are in and relish the little pleasures in life.

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