Heather fancies William, a film star she'll never have, but...
when her dream becomes a reality, what can she do about it?
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Infinite Possibilities 

A Spiritual Awakening

If you enjoy Bob Proctor's teachings, you'll enjoy Bill Geringswald's book...

Infinite Possibilities - A Spiritual Awakening is Bill Geringswald's attempt to put the world back on track.  Bill Geringswald's chief role in life has been to identify issues in companies and put them right, Infinite Possibilities - A Spiritual Awakening is his attempt to apply his knowledge, skills and experience to do the same for the world.


We all know this world needs fixing.  However, there's a distinct lack of blueprints for us to follow.  But, when you put Bill Geringswald's experience from the business world to work on the world's issues, Infinite Possibilities - A Spiritual Awakening is what you get. 

Bill uses that familiar phrase, that we have the tendency to do the same things over and over again but expect different results and realises this is insane.  Infinite Possibilities - A Spiritual Awakening offers a different way to tackle them and covers four areas:

  1. Foundations - Life Passages: In human terms, we need to understand the world we experience has been created by man’s free will. Today’s events serve as a ‘push-back’ to our collective consciousness. We can reverse it anytime we choose.

  2. Inner Workings - Generational Slide: Every day our perceptions and decisions based upon them bring about the life-style we experience. What we empower in the world, we become.

  3. Infrastructure - A Kaleidoscope: Everything we experience acts as a guiding message from God. When following that guidance, all is possible. Here, Bill provides a plan of action for our nation’s future.

  4. Choices—Empowering Prosperity: Each one of us can choose to focus on specific events to happen in our lives. Our choices draw people and situations into our lives. Only then does the ordinary become extra-ordinary.


Product details

  • Genre: Non-fiction/Spiritual

  • Paperback: 472 pages (coming soon)

  • Publisher: BewleyBooks

  • Digital release date: 21st January 2019

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-13: 978-1909426-34-4 (digital)


  • Paperback Size: 12.9 x 0.2 x 19.8 cm (5" x 7")

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