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Infinite Possibilities - Home Study Guide

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In this Home Study Guide Bill lays bare the foundations for a better understanding of the life we are living today - and our connection to God.

The Home Study Guide reveals what lies ahead in Infinite Possibiliities - A Spiritual Awakening.  It gives you a stepping stone onto the path you are about to embark upon in his book. 

As with all people who rely on messages from our Creator, at first, their lessons can be hard to understand.  However, you are not expected to have great knowledge after your first reading as it's never easy to step into a new world of thinking, doing and being without guidance. 

New spiritual ideas need to be taught, they need the reader to focus and concentrate.  The new ideas need to be read and re-read, until the core of the message, the idea, is accepted into the physical 'reality' we see with our eyes.

New insight and understanding has to be written in a way that cannot be easily rejected.  It must be written in a manner that cannot be refuted or ridiculed.  And because Infinite Possibilities is written in such a way, Bill created this Home Study Guide.  The purpose of it is to give you, the new reader, pointers and help before embarking upon this new spiritual journey.

Do not ever say to yourself "I can't understand what is being taught!"  Anything new is always difficult to grasp.  Infinite Possibilities is designed such a way way so that you are encouraged to question and to think about those questions.  It is written in a way so that you are encouraged to meditate upon it. 

Liken this new journey to how you felt when you first began to learn to drive.  At first, it was difficult to put your feet where they were needed (accelerator, brake, clutch), in order to get the car to do what you wanted it to do.  But, after a while, with repetition, your brain accepted the new A, B, C information and you began, without realising, to do it automatically.

For this reason, as with learning to drive a car, you must never take the short cut to achieving spirital goals. 


If you allow it, Bill's book will help you master each step along the journey towards your own enlightenment.  When reading it, you will begin to absorb the information he gives and by reading it, time and time again, you will wonder why you ever thought it was difficult to start with.

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