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Kathleen (Kat) O'Keefe-Kanavos is a TV/Radio Host/Producer & Nautilus Award-winning Author.  She's also an International Syndicated Columnist for Women’s Voices Magazine & Biz360.  Kat presents Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™ TV/Radio and is also the host of Nautilus Book Awards Author Spotlight.  She also co-hosts Dreams Unzipped, 1150AM  KKNW Alternative Talk Radio.  The Kat Kanavos Show on New Earth International

is where she hosts and produces her own show.  



Study Sheds Light (Part 2 of 3) 


“Knock Knock…Ding Ding?” “Delete!” Is this happening to your emails? Are you still collecting emails and trying to use them for promotion? Stop! Studies and marketing statistics show you are wasting your valuable time. Email promotions are dying because email blasts are dead. People are onto emails. There is a better way to connect with potential clients.


In Part 1 of this 3 part blog, the decline behind email blasts as a promotional tool was explained.


Part 2 of this 3 part blog explores:

  • Three important studies that explain the declining email rates

  • Marketing statistics that help shed light on the current problem of emails as a promotional tool


There is a Catch 22 happening when it comes to email marketing. The wise marketer has figured it out.


The recent decline in In-person and Internet-based events is not because of a lack of interest in the subject matters presented, but largely due to a lack of interest in emails and substance at the venues that results in deleted emails by perspective clients who are wise to all of the above. Therefore, the reach required to fill the venues is gone.

So what is an entrepreneur to do concerning email marketing?


Shift with the changing times. Realize people are now educated concerning email blasts and event based sell-fests.


Here is an example:

I was invited to be one of twenty five experts on a telesummit titled “Whole Food Love-End to Diets”   One of the stipulations for presenting on the telesummit was an email list consisting of 5,000 contacts or more for promotion. In other words, the main reason for the invitation was my large contact list.


The sad truth is the promoter wanted my list more than they wanted my expertise. My list was around 8,000, but I chose to use it as a strategy, rather than a blast because I already knew email blasts do not work.


For the telesummit, my approach was to use a different technique. This resulted in more opens (percentage of recipients that actually opened the email), click-through rate (percentage of people who opened the email and clicked at least one link in the email), secondary clicks (from media sources other than emails), and follow ups than those who with their larger emails lists. The studies below answer the question, “Why?”


3 important studies with statistics help shed light on the current problem:


  1. According to Silverpop’s Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, average email open rates continued their downward path during 2015 and the first quarter of 2016.

  2. Email Stats February 2018 show email opens from an Apple iPhone lead at 27%, followed by Gmail at 17%. Traditional email opens, such as via Outlook, are at 5%, Yahoo 4%, Windows Live Mail 2% and AOL Mail 1%.

  3. Research proves that fewer people are sitting home waiting for the old jingle, “You have mail”

You need to ask:

  • Who is your audience?

  • Does your audience belong to an age group that is skilled in smart-phone mail?

  • Are your audience of an age group that is smart to email abuse?

That "You have mail" jingle was popular years ago at the birth of emails. Everyone wanted to get an email. It meant you were tech-savvy and connected. Emails replaced phones. It was so popular it was even used as the snappy title for books and movies.


Current statistics show the old jingle “You Have Mail” is now the new “Jingle from Hell” for most people. The abuse of emails has resulted in an entrepreneurial backfire.


Emails are being treated with such disdain they have become the modern day telemarketer. When blocking and delegating is not enough, people are reporting entrepreneurial emails as spam - the kiss of death for many online businesses. Modern society has become educated to email abuse, and the statistics prove that they have responded in numbers that are having a worldwide effect.


Part 3 of this blog shows four ways you can overcome this email challenge by reaching clients looking for you in ways that:


  1. Are tried-and-true

  2. Re techno-forward

  3. Build on what you have already developed online

  4. Actually, work

Article Research:

Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study 2016 

Is Email Marketing Dead? Here's What the Statistics Show

Author: Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos coauthor of Dreams That Can Save Your Life is a  three-time cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed her illness as seen on Dr. Oz, The Doctors, NBC News, American Express Open, in Newspapers and magazines. “Did you have a déjà-vu or dream-come-true?” She’s a Contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul, TV/Radio Host/Producer- Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™, Kat Kanavos Show, Internationally Syndicated Columnist in BIZCAT360, Dream Columnist in New Earth Chronicles, and Positive Tribe Magazine, Keynote Speaker, Publishing & Performance Coach who taught Special Ed & Psychology @USF and Lecturer who promotes patient advocacy and Spiritual guidance. 


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