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In Mother Nature’s Kiss, a beautiful children’s story, you are drawn into more than a story, possibly one of a fantastic journey of discovery.  And it’s a journey that will take you out of this world and into space.  Mother Nature’s Kiss is Lisa Shore’s fourth children’s story which she has filled with a magical family of characters that entice them to explore their mystical world.  In fact Lisa’s story was so enticing, it sold out in the first four days of publication. 


What’s interesting is that the story was inspired by Lisa’s own experiences.  She says in her blog that it sends “us into the heart of the universe, the curious twinkle light unites us all with a wink and a kiss.”

Just like a child on Christmas morning, Lisa is excited by her good fortune over the past few years.  She deserves all the luck she can get, because she’s been using her time to promote her books by travelling around the US and UK.

Her first book, Gifts of the Crysnix, was based on that mystical of all sciences, Quantum Physics.  Not so mystically sciency though to put her off writing a bedtime story about it.  She wove science fact into science fiction by giving her main character wishes to change their life.

The theme of her books lies in the central message of believing in yourself.  That belief can help you overcome doubts and any fear you may have.

“That voice inside, you know the one, the insistent chatter that keeps you company on a forest walk or asks you to dig deep while watching a full moon rise? That voice in me sometimes comes out on a screen (or on paper), accompanied with pictures and whatever else I can pull together – music, crayons and sparkles – whatever works, to make the magic touch you and become real.”

As a mother herself, Lisa would always create stories for her kids before bedtime.  Each story’s characters would be intertwined with another story and, over the years, she began to write them down. 

Lisa understands that doors to publishing are numerous and you can sometimes get lots in the myriad of corridors leading to a lucrative contract.  But, determined to get a foothold on the ladder to success as an author she decided to promote her stories by presenting them at schools, at women’s conferences and also at bookstores.  She has also promoted her books from two major venues, McNally Robinson in Winnipeg and FireRock Golf and Country Club in Fountain Hills, AZ, which she says are a delight to work with.

To her delight, she found, just like her readers, the attendees at these events were drawn in by her tales and, as she wished, they got emotionally involved in the tales she had to tell.

Another idea that gave her the edge over other authors is her ingenious attempt to create an eye-catching stand – one that she is pleased to say Vistaprint helped her achieve her dreams of becoming a successful author.


I can confidently say, it looks like Lisa is well on her way to the stars!

You can read more about Lisa here:

Her books are available on Amazon and from all good bookstores:

Mother Nature's Kiss

Gifts of the Crysnix

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