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Martin's work will have you questioning everything you know, or thought you knew...

Martin Liedtke, is a leading-light who puts his neck on the line for truth.   

Martin got involved in archaeology and our historical roots - but while digging away at ancient sites he unearthed more questions than answers were given.  Rather than accept the narrative presented, Martin began to pose questions of his own - and began to explore.

What Martin found was earth-shattering and mind-blowing!

As you listen to his revelations on his YouTube channel, you'll want to read his book for more in-depth information that you can physically hold in your own hands.

Martin's work offers you an alternative view of our historical roots - which are more fantastically mysterious than you'd ever know.  It's a history that reveals concrete proof that we're living on a flat plane.

His findings consistently challenge the accepted format we've been spoon-fed since birth and each of his revelations encourages you to open your own eyes to start your own quest for truth.

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My Awakening

Martin Liedtke Interviewed By Karen B. & Brian Staveley

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Hidden History

Flaterday Night Live.  Joining me, along with a host of Flat Earth researchers will be Martin Liedtke, Flat Earth British and Red Pill Philosophy. Hoping to do a 4 hour hour marathon as the list of guests and content needs such a long show.

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Mud Flood

Roxanne Robin Pocast Episode 3

In this episode we discuss revisionist history with Martin Liedtke who is a leading researcher in this field.

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FE Convention UK 2018

Martin Liedtke at the FE convention in Birmingham, April 2018.

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Live Radio Interview 8/8/2017

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Impromptu Extra! With FEB & UAP & Auto Didactic. The Mud Men! Part 1

Here is an impromptu hangout with the mighty UAP & Auto Didactic Channels. Topics will include Mud Flood ,and Tartaria ,and everything under the Sun. Enjoy the show

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FEB Extra! Feeling Better! A Chat With Clive De Carle Part 1

FEB Extra! Here is a recent interview I did with health/nutrition expert Clive De Carle. Topics health ,and real nutrition also include Tesla Tech, Mud Flood/ Tartaria/Flat Earth, and everything under the sun! Enjoy!

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A book plug by Nathan Oakley for Martin's book.