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Whether you are afraid your dream is closing down around you, if you are unable to focus on a specific book launch, or your marketing campaign is a still-to-be-completed idea - this information is designed for you.

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Magical Marketing for Independent Book Stores

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Magical Marketing for Independent Book Stores

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Kaye Bewley 

magical marketing

Magical Marketing for Independent Book Stores aims to help you plan, budget for and create campaigns, give you fresh ideas and show you how to build a customer base that will stay loyal to you.  As you complete your plan you'll become more aware of how it can give you more customers and keep you in business!

As an Independent Book Store, when you were first starting out, you had a dream of creating a magical environment for readers and authors alike - and you never gave up on that dream which is why you are reading this today.

While 2016 may have been a super year for sales, the years since have proved that physical books are far outselling their electronic versions, yet book stores all over the world face the threat of closure.  


Why is this?


There's so much competition - the subtle 'enemy' in the guise of the world wide web, plus the bigger chain stores situated off the High Street smack-bang in the middle of huge industrial or shopping estates. There's also the sad, bad and mad news that according to an article in several newspapers (The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Bookseller, The Passive Voice), book stores in almost 300 towns in the UK had been facing closure because of a hike in business rates.

Authors, for their part, do their very best to get sales for their books.  


Why wouldn't they?  Bookstores are the very reason they are able to write their books.

All the while they let people know the stores (online and offline) that stock their books, they far prefer to make connections with independent stores.  




It's down to the personal interaction they get from the owners and their staff.  

Though it is wonderful to know this, however, it only contributes a small part of the footfall through your book store door and only lasts as long as that author's launch campaign runs.

Would you like to discover how to increase your footfall and sales - on a continual basis?  

The information I have to hand will benefit you in the form of creating specific strategies for marketing success. 

Let me assure you, I have spent over thirty years working in media and marketing environments as well as the publishing and film industries and, as a result, I have my heart firmly embedded in the independent book store stable!  


It is for this reason I want to do my best to help keep book stores open and alive and on the main streets in towns and villages across the world.  


So, I'm doing my utmost to give you the best of my knowledge and experience from my field of study and work.

Trust me, getting your marketing right is not all about luck. There are some things you need to do that will increase your odds of success.  You just need to keep a clear head and a plan of action.  I'll get information for you on...

  • How to plan specific marketing strategies

  • How to create a marketing campaign

  • How to put sales techniques into action

  • How to implement savvy ideas

  • How to promote an author and your store at the same time

  • How to overcome the discomfort you might feel in promoting yourself

  • How to get radio and TV interviews and turn them into sales

  • How to get bloggers to sit up and notice you