Magical Marketing for Writers

Kaye Bewley 

This step-by-step course gives you a

life-changing perspective

on how to get customers to buy your books.

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Magical Marketing for Authors

helps you plan and budget for your incentive campaigns,

give you fresh ideas and build a customer base over time.  

The method of step-by-step delivery by emails

gives you two ways of learning:

(a) immediate download of the whole course so you are not frustrated by the waiting period if you like to do things all in a weekend, and

(b), week-by-week emails encourage you not to give up!  

As you complete the course, you'll become more aware of how

your plans can give you more time, not less!

magical marketing

Magical Marketing for Authors aims to help you plan, budget for and create campaigns, give you fresh ideas and show you how to build a customer base that will stay loyal to you.  As you complete your plan you'll become more aware of how it can give you more time, not less!

The Big picture

Section 1


Before you started selling books, there were some key decisions you were going to make. In fact that was the whole purpose of your business.  This section takes you through the plan to get you into action.

Section 2


Here, you'll learn about getting started on the promotional campaign with some brilliant techniques that have been used time and again. This will give you a foundation from which to spring from - so you can make good decisions going forward.

Section 3


This section will take you on a step-by-step tour on how to make an impact on a product launch and how to create a continuous momentum through pre- and post-promotional campaigns.

Section 4


The information we’ll cover here, applies to both non-fiction and fiction book stores. Good marketing campaigns have loads of things in common - no matter what theme you focus on to promote your book store.

Section 5


Most booksellers haven't a clue how to attract the attention of radio, TV, magazines, bloggers and other media. This email will explain how to go about doing that.

Section 6


Building your list can seem like it’s an uphill struggle.  Pushing a boulder up a hill never seemed so easy.  The more you persist with patience, the more you will see results. 

Section 7


You have a business and the core of that business is to sell products or services.  With email marketing, this can be relatively easy and to accomplish.

Section 8


This e-zine takes you through the success that can be gained by considering the benefits of working with the publishers and local authors - and how you can tap into their media following and, in turn, increase the footfall into your store.

Section 9


There are some brilliantly presented books stores that sadly have had to close due to lack of sales.  This section explores the keys differences that successful stores do and shows you how to get it for yourself.

Section 10


Everyone supplement is different.  The biggest adage is ‘you get what you pay for’, but do you know how to create a great campaign?

Section 11


Everyone has questions.  Here are a few that have been explored over the years - together with answers that may help you secure success.

Here's some of the key points you’ll discover throughout the course:

  1. Why having a popular bookstore is not about luck - it's all about having a plan

  2. Five ways sticking with your plan of having a popular store will change your life

  3. What you should be doing before you start promoting a particular marketing campaign 

  4. How we responded when our book was initially rejected by hundreds of publishers, and how you can find inspiration from our actions, to keep going

  5. Key insights into how the book marketing game really works

  6. A simple technique to enable you to secure sales

  7. A powerful way to overcome any initial discomfort you might feel about putting yourself out there as a promoter

  8. How to structure your marketing campaign so it is the best possible one it can be

  9. Some of the pros and cons between traditional book promotion events and what’s new

  10. How you can sell your first batch of books before you've even put in an order for them

  11. The clever strategies used to sell books to one company

  12. How to get a local company to sponsor your promotion

  13. Keys to turning a radio interview into sales

  14. Insights into sales tactics during TV interviews 

  15. Plus much, much more...


Bonus 1


These are a list of points that lead your mind to think of the most important points that were raised on the course.

Bonus 2


These are important recaps, that merge the information you've been digesting throughout each section.  They bullet point the main topics that are covered in each section.

Bonus 3


These points focus down on the actions that you can do right away.  They help you to build up an actionable 'to do' list which will help inspire you to get stuff done.

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As a writer, when you were first starting out, you had a dream of creating a magical stories or practical information for readers all over the world - and you never gave up on that dream which is why you are reading this today.

Today, writers all over the world have never had it so easy!  Or have they?  2016 was a super year for physical book sales, and 2017 is proving they are far outselling their electronic versions, there’s always the subtle 'enemy' in the guise of the world wide web - and it is becoming far more difficult to get a book known than it ever was under the old system of publishing.  

We know that writers want to sell their books.  Why woudl they spend all that precious time with their fingers gliding over the keyboards?  Or with a note pad permanently located in their top pocket - ready for capture the inspiration that may strike at any moment.  However, writing a book is a bit different to structuring a book, publishing a book and then promoting it.  And all of it takes a lot of jolly hard work.

Would you like to discover how to get your book written, published and promoted?  

With this course you will benefit from specific strategies for marketing success.  The course is produced by Kaye Bewley, who has spent over thirty years working in media and marketing environments as well as the publishing and film industries.  She brings her knowledge and experience from these fields to you.

Trust me, getting your marketing right not all about luck. There are some things you need to do that will increase your odds of success and this course will help you clarify how to do that.  The 

information will take you on an enjoyable magical marketing journey that will teach you:


  • How to use specific strategies

  • How to create marketing campaigns

  • How to put sales techniques into action

  • How to implement savvy ideas

Here's a breakdown of what you will learn throughout the course: