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Magical Marketing for Authors

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Kaye Bewley 

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Magical Marketing for Authors aims to help you plan, budget for and create campaigns, give you fresh ideas and show you how to build a customer base that will stay loyal to you.  As you complete your plan you'll become more aware of how it can give you more time to write and will show you how you can enjoy the marketing needed for your work!

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Whether you are afraid your dream of becoming a successful author is at an end or, if you are unable to focus or plan to organise your marketing campaign, I'll help you get there.

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As an Author, when you were first starting out, you had a dream of creating a magical environment for readers from all over the world - and you never gave up on that dream which is why you are reading this today.

Authors, for their part, innocently believe that once their book is handed over to the publisher, they'll do all the publicising and promoting for them.  In an ideal world, this would be true. However, in this information technological age, that's not quite the case.  


Most authors attempt to promote their book by telling all the people they know and visiting the local book shop to organise a launch day.  Why wouldn't they?  It's a great way to begin.  Unfortunately, that's not all there is to it.

Would you like to discover how to increase awareness of your book and possibly increase your sales - on a continual basis?  

I've created a series of informational emails that you can benefit from.  I've included specific step-by-step strategies for marketing success that are easy to accomplish.  The information is produced by me, Kaye Bewley, after having spent over thirty years working in media and marketing environments as well as the publishing and film industries and - having produced a number of fiction and non-fiction books myself. 


As an author, I know how hard it can be to get people to notice your work - it's like pushing a very big boulder up a very steep hill.  You have a simple message - but nobody is listening!  For this reason, I want to do my best to keep you going and maybe even exceed beyond your own expectations.  That's why I'm doing my utmost to give you the best of my knowledge and experience from my field of study and work.

Trust me, getting your marketing right is not only about luck. Though there is a good element of luck involved, there are some things you need to do that will increase your odds of success.  You just need to keep a clear head and create a plan of action.  


In the emails I'll send to you, you'll get information on...

  • How to plan specific marketing strategies

  • How to create a marketing campaign

  • How to put sales techniques into action

  • How to implement savvy ideas

  • How to do a joint-venture with local stores 

  • How to overcome the discomfort you might feel in promoting yourself

  • How to get radio and tv interviews and turn them into sales

  • Plus much, much more!