Nigel was ever at the forefront of experimentation, exploration and exciting ventures...

Nigel grew up in an era, straight after WW2, when people felt lucky to be alive.  So many had died and there were shortages. He said that "Most of our ships had been sunk and we lived under the heavy-hanging threat of nuclear annihilation." 

Nigel's writing career took off while at school, where he published poems and short stories in the UK, the USA and in France - after which he went on tour with his poetry, performing it and jazz at the same time. Nigel's film career began at the London School of Film Technique in 1965.

Nigel was one of the visionaries based at the infamous 101 Cromwell Road. David Gale wrote in The Independent "our preternaturally cool friend Nigel was running the hipster equivalent of an arty salon. Between our place and his, there passed the cream of London alternative society - poets, painters, film-makers, charlatans, activists, bores and self-styled visionaries"

His vibrant and colourful character will be missed, but his witty and intelligent words, will live on.

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