Group Workshops, Retreats 

and Therapy Sessions 

We've all been through some tough times of late - but Kaye Bewley can help you push through the next challenge you might be facing.  She could help you get those ideas flowing, encourage you to get your confidence back to where you want it to be and assist you in creating something wonderfully inspiring for the rest of your life - and get you back on track with the life you want to lead.
Kaye has a remarkable background, having worked for the television news media and book publishing industries for over 20 years her experience and knowledge of book writing and publishing is second to none.  And, for the past decade, she worked for the British army helping our suffering soldiers and couples in trouble.  You can check out her therapy here.  These skills have given her a wide knowledge base which she wants you to benefit from. 
She can help you figure out the next step on your life path, help you put together a workable timetable specific for your needs, and guide you to what you want to be, do and have.  
As well as this, Kaye is able to use her psychotherapy experience to mentor you in gaining confidence in your ability as a writer, guiding you towards setting and reaching your goals, and helping you set achieveable milestones towards better mental and emotional health.
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Fun and fact-filled coaching event for a group of people



Coffee and Magazines



For writers and confidence builders - accomplish your dreams


£300/for 6 sessions

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If you'd like some help getting yor life back on track, get in touch.



What's included:



With this service, you can enjoy a fun and relaxing coaching/therapy class with your own group of friends or you can join one of our Weekend Workshops. 


BewleyBooks will provide the beverages and you can tuck into your favourite sweet treats - we can even bring along our very own Chocolate Fountain.

Kaye Bewley is an experienced and enthusiastic psychotherapist who will guide you step-by-step to meet your own needs and identify what you want from life.  At the end of the workshop you get to be more confident about the meaning and purpose of your life. 


These sessions put a bit of fun into therapy, but they're more than a casual brunch, lunch or dinner — they are a hands-on, relaxing activity where you can connect on an emotional level.


After creating your own achievable goals, you feel like you have truly accomplished something and conquered some fears about life.



These can be tailored to your liking.  You choose from the list below and BewleyBooks will create a workshop around your requirements.  So far, we've had:


• Lunch time Laughs

• Signature Evening Classes

• Corporate Team Building 

• Coffee & Counselling Weekday Classes


These workshops are available at certain times of the year.  Follow our BewleyBooks group on Facebook (link below) to find out when our next one is.  These are the ones we've held in the past:

• Classy Camper Counselling

• Memories with Meaning

• Emotional Rollercoaster

• Emotional Merry-Go-Rounds

• His 'n Her Needs, Wants and Desires

• Rocking the Relationship Boat

All our workshops include:

2x meals (breakfast and lunch), non-alcoholic drinks and water.  You are more than welcome to bring your own food and fluids (no strong spirits).  For overnight stays, accommodation* is included in the fee.

Programmes begin on Friday evenings and end on Sunday afternoon. 

Brief details are given prior to booking and upon booking confirmation you'll receive a full programme of events.

*Accommodation is a Yurt or Luxury Tent with ablusions and kitchens available.  If workshop is held in a B&B or Hotel, the fee will be adjusted accordingly.  Provided you give us enough notice, you are welcome to book your own accommodation and this will be reflected in the fee billed to you.

What's included:




Book a series of coaching sessions to show your committment.

You'll have individual sessions 1-2-1 with Kaye Bewley, who will guide you every step of the way to the goals that you want.  That may mean writing your book and publishing it, or being a more confident person.  You can take as many or as few sessions as you wish.  Here's how we accomplish your goals:

  • If writing/publishing, first submit a draft of your new work, together with a written proposal. 

  • You will be sent a writing critique and valuable feedback of your work as well as practical advice on where to go from there.​

  • If confidence building or any other result you wish to achieve, we offer a series of coaching sessions designed to assist you get what you want accomplished.

  • Each session (conducted online via Zoom) provides:​  Constructive education and feedback on your work.

  • Guidance on character communication - an explanation of how it can alter your character viewpoints.

  • Approach to situations - exploration on how different situations/locations affect your characters.

  • Defining your targets - understanding the nature of goals and targets specific to what you want.

  • Committing to the task - laying out a set of guidelines to make a difference.

  • Finding exhilaration, not fear, in new adventures - helping you to change your attitude and perspective.

  • A plan of action, what you need to do and when​.  Plot plans, story arcs etc.

  • Getting you into the 'writing mode' - with our Jam Writing exercises.

  • Your session is completely confidential.

  • Each session can last up to 1 hour and will be recorded for personal safety purposes only.  A copy will be made available to you if you wish.

  • Please book at least 14 days in advance of your session.

  • When you sign up and pay via the By Now button below, you'll be sent a free copy of both paperback books: 'How to be an Author' Vols 1 and 2.

What's included:




Our psychotherapy sessions are discreet, brief and designed to get results in as quick a time-frame as you wish.  We don't encourage months and months of therapy and we don't encourage you to dwell on a spiral of despair or suffering.  


Therapy sessions normally last around an hour for one person and results can be gained within two or three sessions. 

  • Connect via Skype and hold an online session.

  • Call to schedule a1-2-1 in-person session.

  • You can also book Kaye for a Face2Face consultation.

  • You can be assured that your session is completely confidential.

  • If you would like a copy of any notes that are made, these will be available for you.

  • Each session will be recorded for personal safety purposes only.

  • Please book at least 14 days in advance of your session. 

We understand that times can be hard for some people, so we regularly offer discounts and free therapy for people who are unable to afford the fees.


Our workshops and events vary in price with the amount of time allocated to each.  As courses and events are created, details will be given with which you can register your interest.