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Creating a Buzz!
Blogs, articles and newsletters are not written for the fun ot it.  They are produced to work at promoting your book, product or service.  Hire us to write your blogs, create your newsletters or an article that's written to your specification, style and presentation so your ideal customer sits up and takes note. 
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We'll write either a one-off or a series of blog posts



Networking Event



We'll write, design and distribute either one or a series of newsletters for you.



Office Space



We'll write, style and design and structure an article to promote your product/service



What's included:



Do you know you need to promote through a consistent presence online?  A blog is an easy and friendly way to achieve that.  


  • A blog post does wonders for your business.  To qualify for this service, you will need to have ordered a Single Article/Blog Post first.  After that, you are welcome to hire us to write regular blog posts for you (up to 1,000 word posts).  We'll write in your style, with search engine optimised keywords and SEO to attract attention to your business.

  • Fee includes 4 x blog posts (either weekly or monthly or quarterly) = £0.05p/per word

  • NOTE: If your blog post is over 1,000 words per post, order the extra word count via the Single Article/Blog Post = £0.10p per word.

  • We'll plan your blog around your service or product launches.

  • We'll gather the material and information needed in our research

  • Then we'll write either a one-off or a string of continuous blog posts to promote whatever you need highlighted

  • Once we're done, we'll even show you how to build a valuable email list

What's included:


Get a professional newsletter planned, researched, written, formatted, printed and distributed for your business without the hefty price tag.

  • A regular e-zine or company newsletter has been found to increase sales for your business.  I'll research, create, write and produce a regular e-zine and/or newsetter for you.  It will be written in an easy-to-read style, linked to your own email list, with search engine optimised key words to attract the attention of more customers to your business.  

  • Fee is for 4 x once fortnightly e-zines which aim to encourage customers to search out roducts on your website, as well as 2 x monthly newsletters which give customers updates on your business, staff and success stories

  • With our experience at newsletter writing, you'll get a professional presentation which includes whatever product or service you need to promote

  • Either a one-off or a series via weekly, monthly or quarterly bulletins

What's included:


We'll write an article or a series of articles that promote your service or product.

  • Let us research and write your articles for you

  • We can create either a one-off article for a magazine, newspaper or newsletter

  • If you prefer, assign to us a series of articles designed to capture your ideal customer's attention