James Postlethwaite speaks about his new film project

'As The Sun Rises'

Kaye Bewley of BewleyBooksPlus.com in an interview with James Postlethwaite, Scriptwriter/Director of 'As The Sun Rises' a new one-off LGBT drama being filmed in Manchester in 2018. Logline: A same sex affair ends up with one death, two in the dock and an explosive finale. For an opportunity to get involved or to get your name on the film credits, get the posters, and many other opportunities, visit the website links.




Funding Campaign - be an 'Extra', get your name on the film credits...

Click following link for full details: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/as...


James Postlethwaite also manages a Talent Pool company: https://www.needatvexpert.com/

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