As book marketing experts, we understand the importance of book reviews.  Book reviews grab attention and convince people to buy your book.  Selected quotes from the book review are often used on website 'praise page' or testimonial or even used on the book jacket itself.  


When book reviews are used on your website and/or social media, they offer assurance to the reader and validate an author's work.


BewleyBooks+ will spend time reading and assessing your book and give you a review that will not only be blogged, but posted on to our social media pages as well as to our private contacts, over 8,000 media professionals, hundreds of bookstores and librarians in the UK and worldwide, a select list of enthusiastic book bloggers and educators.


As a result of our reviews, authors can grow their own community, gain valuable reviews and establish their own work among genre-specific reviewers.


Book Review Service

  • Book Review Service 1 (Qty x1):

    • 200+ Word Review
    • Amazon Review
    • Shared on Facebook
    • Tweet x 1


    Book Review Service 2 (Qty x2):

    • 500+ Word Review + Star Rating
    • Amazon Editorial Review
    • Shared on Facebook, Pinterest, G+
    • Tweet x 4 (1 per week - one month)
    • Book Reviews Section, Book Cover, Star Rating, Excerpt
    • Goodreads Add To Shelf Badge on Review


    Book Review Service 3 (Qty x3):

    • 500+ Word Review + Star Rating
    • Amazon Review
    • Shared on Facebook, Pinterest, G+, Tumblr
    • Tweet x 8 (weekly postings - 2 months)
    • Shared to LinkedIn professionals
    • E-zine Networking Groups
    • Lead Story Slider + Book Cover Badge, Star Rating, and Pull Quote
    • Goodreads Add To Shelf Badge on Review
    • Author Podcast Interview + Photos and Links on Website and YouTube


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