Strategies That Get Your Book Sold

You've written your book - now find those readers and get it sold!

How to be an author Vol. 2:

Promoting Your Writing

teaches you valuable strategies that have proven to get books sold.

You can learn how to optimise your book for sales - and get it into the hands of your readers.

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Vol. 2 Promoting Your Writing


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Get Writing

Write your book and publish it

Buy 'How to be an author Vol 1: Writing your writing today and you'll get important guidance that will show you:

  • how to commit yourself to your writing process 

  • how to get that creative brain in logical order

  • how to understand what needs to change

  • how to get the most out of research

  • how to fit the jigsaw puzzle of your story (fact and fiction) together

  • how to plot the structure of your book 

  • how to create an enthralling and captivating scene

  • how to figure out how much is too much 'talk' for your character

  • how a politician speaks compared to the rest of humanity!

Once you've got your plot plan figured out, this book will guide you with drafting and revisions, editing constructively and getting support when you feel you are flagging and about to give up.

To BE an author and get your book published, you need to DO writing. This book will take you a long way into that process and, finally, get that book in print.


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