Kaye Bewley, Founder of BewleyBooks.com has over thirty years experience in the media, marketing and publishing fields.  Apart from being involved in the book production industry (from her very first job at a printing press in Buckinghamshire), she has earned an MA in psychotherapy and puts this to use by helping writers get their books out of them onto the page and into readers laps. 


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

  • Human Givens (HG) Psychotherapy 

  • Guided Imagery and Hypnosis  

  • Natural Nutrition 

  • British Psychological Society

  • College of Natural Nutrition

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Human Givens (HG) Psychotherapy 

  • Nottingham Trent University

  • Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

  • DBS Checked to work with vulnerable adults

Workshops & Presentations

Therapeutic Workshops and Presentations:

  • Emotional Roller Coasters

  • Emotional Merry-Go-Rounds

  • His 'n Her Emotional Needs, Wants and Desires

  • Rocking the Relationship Boat

Writers Workshops and Presentations:

  • Preparing2Write

  • Preparing4Promotion

  • Pitching2Press

  • Publish2Distribute


Marketing, Media, Publishing

  • Marketing Executive at Rockwell International, UK

  • Executive Marketing Assistant - Ricoh UK 

  • Production Assistant - BBC News

  • Assistant Producer - ITN/Channel 4 News

  • Assistant Producer - London News Radio

  • Assistant Producer - Theatre Production Company (Community)

  • Editorial Assistant - Macmillan Publishing

  • Staff Writer/Editorial - Magnet Magazine 

  • Executive Assistant - Acquisitions & Finance Carlton Television


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Courses Attended

  • BrainSex Matters

  • Brief Psychotherapy Strategies

  • Brief Therapy Skills for Stopping Addictions

  • Dealing with Conflict, Confrontation and Disputes

  • Effective Counselling

  • Essential Brief Psychotherapy Strategies

  • Effective Anger Management

  • Fast Trauma Phobia Cure

  • From Self-Harm to Self-Belief

  • From Stress to Psychosis

  • Guided Imagery and Visualisation for Therapeutic Change

  • How to Break the Cycle of Depression

  • How to Lift Depression

  • How to Lift Self-Esteem

  • How to Manage Pain and Accelerate Healing

  • How to Tell Stories that Heal

  • Understanding Anxiety

  • Understanding and Stopping Addictive Behaviour

  • Working Therapeutically With Couples

  • Working with Challenging and Complex Cases


 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certificates (CBT)

  • Basic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Theory

  • CBT Assessment and Formulation

  • Client Core Beliefs

  • Collaborative Working

  • Compassion Focused Therapy

  • Guided Imagery

  • Goal Setting

  • Lifting self-esteem

  • PTSD and reliving trauma

  • The Socratic Method

  • Working with agoraphobia and panic disorder

  • Working with Critical Dialogues

  • Working with OCD


Additional Therapeutic Courses Undertaken for CPD

  • Biology and Human Behaviour

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

  • Consciousness and its Implications

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Intelligence of Emotions

  • Listening and Questioning Skills for Services Welfare

  • Meaning of Life

  • Memory and the Human Life Span

  • Mysteries of Human Behaviour

  • Origins of the Human Mind

  • Practising Mindfulness

  • Safeguarding

  • Science of Self

  • Science of Natural Healing

  • Stress and Your Body

  • Teenage Relationships in the Real and Digital Age

  • Understanding the Brain

  • Understanding Human Perception

  • Understanding the Development of European Cultures

  • Understanding the Rise and Fall of Civilisations


Business and Academic Courses Undertaken

  • Analysis and Critque

  • Art of Critical Decision Making

  • Bestseller BluePrint for Authors

  • Data Protection

  • Presentation Skills

  • Public Speaking Skills

  • Marketing and Media Analysis

  • ProBlogger

  • ProfitBuilder

  • Statistics Made Clear

  • Strategic Thinking Skills

  • Writing Workshops

  • Your First 10k Readers