Debut author with an interesting life...

Stevie has had a life of variety, but it's not over yet.  His mates often describe him as a “colourful and enigmatic character” but you can be the judge of that.

Born in 1950, his childhood is filled with fond memories of adventure in a small country village in which he and his sister (name?) would get up to all sorts of tricks.  He hoped the adventures would continue when he joined the merchant navy at 15 - but, all he ever got were scary escapades down dark alleys in loveless red light districts.

Not much for illicit ladies of the night, he soon left the navy to be taught the quickstep by mature ladies with nice houses who he would cook a mean full English breakfast for.

His passions soon turned to a gleaming big bike with a massive motor (MAKE AND MODEL?).  Astride it, he felt like a cowboy of the Wild West - so he rode as fast as possible wherever he could - maily along country roads in the South of France.  While doing so, he cemented a life-long friendship with a fellow a motorcyclist.  Together they decided to race around the world - on a shoestring budget.

When he'd had enough of that, he decided to settle down and secured jobs as a muscly mower, a beefy boxer, a lusty lifeguard, as well as ‘Spuddy Miller’ (a fruit & veg van man) where his entrepreneurial spirit found him buying oddly shaped potatoes from a local farmer and selling them for a huge profit.  


It wasn't long before wanderlust set in again so he turned his hand to being a roadie-manager to an accordion player and a singer named Sprout - not at all related to the potato farmer, we hasten to add.

About this time, Stevie met a Professor of English and asked him to read his writing.  After giving him feedback that said “Spelling and poor grammar needs attention but the story line is excellent” – Stevie got the writing bug and set about penning his novel ‘The Flight Arranger’

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