Edit Your Manuscript Before You Submit

All we ask is that you do your best to edit your manuscript before you submit it for us to review. If we find lots typos, mistakes, or plot holes in your manuscript, we will tell you that you need to work with an editor and invest more time editing your work. BB+ does provide a service for this, but your work should stand out and is most likely to be accepted for a publishing contract if it is well-edited.


How to Submit a Manuscript


If you have written more than one book, please send one book and give us a brief of the others. 


Holding Books


We are keen to publish a variety of fiction books in every genre that help people look outside the box. When it comes to fiction, we’re simply looking for a good story told well.

  • Adventure

  • Comedy

  • Fantasy

  • Historical

  • Mystery

  • Psychological Thriller/Suspense

  • Romance

  • Science Fiction

  • Thriller

  • Young Adult


Library Books


BB+ is able to publish any non-fiction book. We’re especially interested in the following:

  • Adventure

  • Autobiography/Biography/Memoir

  • Business

  • Cookbooks

  • Gardening

  • History

  • How-To

  • Tutorials

  • Health & Wellness

  • Natural nutrition & Fitness

  • Personal improvement

  • Prepping

  • Relationships and Dating

  • Spirituality



Got a question you'd like us to answer?  Here are a few that might satisfy your curiosity.  You can ask more questions when you send us your submission on the form below.



We like to read anything from anyone.  We have a review team that can get you an answer within three months

(but maybe sooner).

no agent?

Not a problem. 

Most authors don't have an agent, but we do accept work submitted from literary agents.



BB+ is a no-fee independent book publishing company.  That means we never charge you a fee to publish your books.  We only earn our investment back when we are able to sell your book.  

Physical manuscript?


We don't accept manuscripts

sent in the post. 

Not only does this save paper,

it saves you money on postage, your valuable time and the environment!

All we need is the first three chapters

emailed to us.


Without the writer, none of our services would exist.  That's why, author's earn a percentage immediately their book begins to sell. 

will you publish?

If it meets our guidelines, is well-presented, formatted and edited we will consider it. 

We review all work submitted.  

Submission Form

As soon as we have your details and assessed them, we will contact you to ask for your book.

Please note, physical (paper) manuscripts are not accepted.  We accept Word and Acrobat PDF documents via email.