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Martin Liedtke

Warrior for Truth

Martin's work will have you questioning everything you know, or thought you knew...

Martin Liedtke, is a leading-light who puts his neck on the line for truth.   

Martin got involved in archeaology and our historical roots - but while digging away at ancient sites he unearthed more questions than answers were given.  Rather than accept the narrative presented, Martin began to pose questions of his own - and began to explore.

What Martin found was earth-shattering and mind-blowing!

As you listen to his revelations on his YouTube channel, you'll want to read his book for more in-depth information that you can physically hold in your own hands.

Martin's work offers you an alternative view of our historical roots - which are more fantastically mysterious than you'd ever know.  It's a history that reveals concrete proof that we're living on a flat plane.

His findings consistently challenge the accepted format we've been spoon-fed since birth and each of his revelations encourages you to open your own eyes to start your own quest for truth.

Martin presented at the
FE Conference, Kidderminster, UK
14th September 2019
between 4pm-6pm