About York Court


Ten separate lives and deaths, all under one roof.  Each character has a gift.  One they get given, one they take without permission and one they realise they didn't have.  Only when the gifts vanish, do they realise their importance.  Read below for more details

on each story.

Give Up the Ghost

What if a big celebrity invited you onto national TV to talk about being a ghost?

Best Friends

What if you invited your friends to tea and got rather more than you expected?

Tin Can Gifts

What if you got given a holiday of a lifetime but, half way through, ran out of money?

Watching You

What if you secretly observed someone you loved, without them knowing you were there?

Living in a Box

What if you made an assumption about a neighbour that wasn't fair or true?

Swans on the Sea

What if you planned to move and your heart wasn't in it, but your husband's was?

Wake Up

What if you walked round a garden centre and saw the mysteries of life on display?

Bill's Gate

What if you knew when a neighbour approached, you'd be in for a day of moaning?

Christmas on Cardboard

What if an old colleague found you and offered you another, different life to lead?


What if the only way you could understand someone was to see them dead?

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